Wellcome Image Award Winners

Wellcome Image Award Winners

Cell Division: This composite confocal micrograph uses time-lapse microscopy to show a cancer cell (HeLa) undergoing mitosis. Cellular structures are visualised in cyan (cell membrane) and red (DNA). The centre cell has a diameter of 20 µM. Credit: Kuan-Chung Su, LRI, Wellcome Images.

Congratulations to Kuan-Chung Su and Mark Petronczki at Cancer Research UK, whose image, entitled 'Cell Division' has received a 2012 Wellcome Image Award.

The composite image shows a HeLa cell undergoing mitosis. Time-lapse microscopy was performed using a PerkinElmer UltraVIEW ERS spinning disk confocal system and Volocity® 3D Image Analysis Software. A spiral arrangement was used by Kuan-Chung Su to best illustrate the process of mitosis.

Kuan-Chung Su says “We chose the UltraVIEW spinning disk system because the live samples we needed to image were very faint and would bleach out with any other line scanning system. The ability of the spinning disk system to scan at a very high speed makes it our first choice when we need to image live, sensitive samples. Because it’s so fast, we can also scan multiple positions at the same time. Using the Volocity software interface also makes this a very straight forward task”.

Kuan-Chung Su is a graduate student within Dr. Mark Petronczki’s Cell Division & Aneuploidy Laboratory at the Clare Hall Laboratories, Cancer Research UK (London Research Institute).

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More information about the image, including the timeframe of the mitotic steps and the reasons why a spiral arrangement was selected, can be found in the Wellcome Image Awards Gallery.