Burning CDs

Backing up your data is always a good idea, it keeps the hard disc clean and tidy and safeguards your data from pesky gremlins who as we all know love to eat data. Nowadays one of the best and easiest ways of doing this is using CD-Rs.

OK, so you’ve got lots of images that you want to put on CD. At the end of the day there are a number of applications to do this. You have probably got one with your computer, if you are running OS 9 or OS X and you have a CD-R, CD-RW or even a DVD-R you will have a copy of the "Disc Burner" which comes with the Operating System.

Apple Disc Burner is a quick and easy way of burning discs. You simply insert a blank CD-R . You will then be prompted to enter a "Name" for the CD and also select a "Format", I use the default format "Standard (HFS+/ISO 9660)"

So now you have a blank CD on your desktop.

Drag and drop the files onto this icon, when you are finished go to the Special menu and choose "Burn CD-R".

Once you’ve burnt CD-R media with disc burner that’s it, disc burner 1.x only supports single sessions. You cannot burn additional information to the disc.

In respect of CD-RW media the disc would have to be reformatted first before it could be re-written. In other words if you have a CD-RW disc with data on it, the disc would have to be erased first before any data could be written to it again.

If you are adverse to squandering CD space and you want a multi-session solution have a look at the latest version of Toast for the Mac available from Roxio.


With Toast you will be able to burn a single session or burn the whole disc depending on your preference. If you burn a single session you can burn additional sessions to the disc, space permitting of course.

However before you get ahead of yourself, you can only burn a single session only onto DVD-R media and that’s period at least with any Mac application that I have found, but I could be wrong. If you know how to do this please put it on the forum - thanks a bundle. Happy burning!