Have you forgotten your OS X password?

Ahoy there and welcome to another exciting Tip of the Month. Have you forgotten your password for OSX? If so then this tip is right up your shipping lane!

You need to enter your Name and Password when you run an installer on OSX, so if you have forgotten it this might be a bit of a problem. Also, make sure that you type in your password exactly as it was when your user account was established, remember it is case sensitive.

If you are having difficulty with a particular user account you can log in as the Administrator and change the user password, but to do this you will at least need to know the Administrator password.

First of all select the "System Preferences" from the Apple menu.

Next select "Accounts" - see the icon in the bottom left corner of the image below.

If you find that you cannot Edit the user you will need to enter the Administrator password.

Click on the lock to make changes - you will be prompted to enter an Administrator password.

After doing this you can select and Edit an Account. For instance, let's take the account of my pet parrot "Captain Flint".

Type in your new password - remember to verify it then save.

You will see a message that your keychain password cannot be changed, at this point click on the "OK" button.

OK, so that is simple enough, but what if you have forgotten your Administrator password? Are you scuppered?

Fear not shipmates, there is a sneaky way to change it!

First of all you will need to find your OSX installation CD. (Administrators should keep this CD safe and secure from unauthorised crew members!)

Place the CD in the drive and restart you computer holding down "c" on the keyboard, this will boot the Mac from the CD.

Go to the "Installer" menu and select "Reset Password".

Select the Mac OSX disc which contains the password that you want to reset.

Select the Adminstrator user with the password that you want to reset.

Type the new password into both of the following :-

"Enter a new password for this user"
"Reenter the new password for this user"

Click on the "Save" button.

Go to the "Reset Password" menu and quit.

Go to the "Installer" menu and quit, then restart the Mac.

PS. Remember to keep the OSX installation CD in a safe place!

So if you forget your own password or the Administrator password, you don't need to abandon ship! Until next month, me hearties….