Switching between items in a Library.

Did you know that you can switch between items in a Volocity library even when you are in the Image view?

Let’s try this out, take a look at the library below:-

Here we have three separate image sequences, each image sequence comprises of 3 channels, 1 timepoint and 46 z slices.

Taking a closer look at the middle one, ‘Grid widefield 63x Oil’

I used the inspection tool to find the planes I was interested in. You will find this on the Volocity toolbar.

Then I orientated the Volume (shown in the left corner) as required in the ‘Image View’, see below.

So let’s say I want to view the same planes and orientation in the next image sequence in the Library.

This can be easily done by clicking on the ‘Switch to next item’ button at the bottom of the toolbar.

See below the next image sequence, ‘Grid confocal 63x Oil’

It has the same planes and orientation.

If you need to go back up just click on the ‘Switch to previous item’ button.

I hope this proves useful, happy switching!