Supported File Formats in Volocity

Just a quick note from me today, it’s really busy in the lab, but I like to keep in touch with all my friends around the world.

I’ve been reviewing the supported file formats in Volocity, and by that I mean the files saved by other software that can be read by Volocity, and the files saved by Volocity, that may be read by other software.  This flexibility benefits us greatly, we bring files into Volocity from many of the confocal and wide field imaging systems in the lab and of course we want to show our results to as many people as possible, so it’s essential to have a choice of export formats available.

Fishing around in the help files I found this reference:

So there are many different type of images supported!  Even the latest change to the Leica LIF format is supported by Volocity 4.2. 

However, there is another interesting change.  Support for reading and writing OME-TIFF files.  OME, the Open Microscopy Environment is a collaborative project which sets standards and develops data management solutions that aim to increase the exchange of data, and therefore the productivity, of labs such as ours.

OME-TIFF is a standard for the metadata stored in the header of the TIFF file, so any application that reads this standard can import a file saved by an application which writes to this standard.  The metadata that Volocity stores includes the calibration of the voxel in X, Y and Z, pretty important when working with images.

This project is gaining more attention in the light microscopy community and looks like it could be pretty important to future of our research.  We like to keep at the cutting edge here in the Vipoir Lab!  See you next time.