Using the Improvision License Server 2.0

We’ve just upgraded our Improvision License Server (ILS) to the latest version.

It runs as a daemon on Mac OS X which means that we don’t have to have a user account logged on, the daemon will run whenever the computer is switched on.  We just leave the server computer switched on all the time.  Those of you who use Windows will find that the ILS 2.0 runs as a service, the same as previous versions.

Whatever platform we’ve installed the ILS on we can now use a browser to see the current status of our licenses. Those of us who use the ILS to share our Volocity licenses can see what’s going on from almost anywhere.  So I open a browser window and enter the URL of the license server here.

Straight away I can see who’s connected and what they’re using.

Web Browser enabled License Server

Jane and John have logged on using the configurations that contain just the products they need for their session. John’s using Acquisition; he’ll be at a microscope collecting new data.  Jane’s using Quantitation; she had some analysis to finish up.  That leaves licenses for all the Volocity products available for me.

I can even get in touch with them if I need to.  See each connected user’s name is in blue and underlined?  I click on the user name to see contact details.

Contact Details

This information is added to the details for each user by the administrator of the ILS.  I entered email addresses and telephone extension numbers in the “Edit User” screen when we upgraded.

Edit User Dialogue

That was a boring job, but well worth it, we’ve really been making the most of our Volocity licenses now that we can see who’s using what and communicate about what we really need to use.

So I’ve seen what’s going on, I carry on and use the “Full Volocity” configuration.

Web Browser enabled License Server

As an administrator of the ILS I can do even more, I just need to log on.  I use the same user name and password as I do when I start Volocity, I’m in the ‘Administrators’ group on the ILS.

Log In

Now in that same browser window I can access all the administration tools for the ILS.  I can add new users, edit group memberships, use an unlock code, all without leaving my desk.

I was out of the office the other morning, talking to a colleague and someone called to ask me to reset their password. I get a lot of this around holiday time; people forget their passwords when they’ve been away for a couple of weeks.  I went to the nearest computer and opened up a browser, I didn’t need to install any software, I just got the job done.  I only hope this doesn’t make everyone too relaxed about remembering their passwords, just because its easy doesn’t mean I want to be resetting passwords all the time!