Upgrading to ILS 2.0 from older versions

In my last tip I was singing the praises of my brand new Improvision License Server version 2.0.  I must say, it is a very shiny upgrade with plenty of superb new features and I do pride myself in being rather ‘with it’ when it comes to the latest thing!  Whilst I may have taken to it like a duck to water, some of my colleagues have not taken the plunge yet, so here’s some things to watch out for when upgrading your system to the ILS 2.0.

My first bit of advice is that if you are not in the habit of backing up user data, then this is the perfect opportunity to get organized.  Before installing the ILS 2.0, I recommend delving into your computer system and finding, copying and saving any existing ILS configuration information; this includes the Users Groups and Configurations.

This crucial info can be found in the following locations:

Improvision License Server 2.0 Windows

On a PC: In Windows Explorer (shortcut = windows key + E) type in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Improvision License Server.

Improvision License Server 2.0 Macintosh

On a Mac go to   Macintosh HD/Library/ Application Support/ Improvision License Server

Take this ILS information and back it up to an external memory device or some other safe location. 

This step is important because it is not possible to downgrade from ILS 2.0 to earlier versions, as the format of the “Users and Groups.mk” data file has changed.  Users may wish to make a backup of their “Improvision License Server” folder before upgrading.

When you install the new ILS version, you will notice that one of the most striking changes is that it operates via your internet browser.

You can still access it via the normal avenues of:

  • Start… All Programs… Improvision License Server…  License Server    on a PC, and
  • Mac HD… Applications… Improvision License Server… License Server.url    on a Mac.

You may wish to make a note of the address shown in the “License Server Status” window. This is the IP address of the server machine. You will need this to log on to the server from client machines
or to manage the server remotely using a web browser.

Now those of you who enjoyed our previous versions may remember that the server machine (the one with the ILS dongle plugged in) would communicate with its client machines (i.e. the remote computers) via port 15002.

If you had a PC you would 'except' this particular port in the firewall by going to Control Panel … Windows Firewall… Exceptions tab… Add Port and excepting port 15002 (give it a descriptive name too!):

firewall exception.JPG

ILS 2.0 communicates with the web browser via port 15003, so all you need to do is add that port to your exception list as well. 

You may find your research institute has an IT department to organize security such as port exception, so have a chat with them if you find you are unable to do this. 

You should find that the installation has correctly set up the Users, Groups and Configurations that you already had set up, but if you have any problems, you can refer to your backup data (remember I advised you to create a backup?)   There is more helpful information about this in last month’s tip, “Using the Improvision License Server 2.0”.

When you come to launch Volocity (from either a client machine or the local server machine), you may be asked:

  1. Which licensing method you are using? Server
  2. Address and Port?  Use the IP address of your server machine and port 15002
  3. Username, Password and Configuration?  You, or your ILS administrator will have set these

If you follow my tried and tested steps you will be an ILS master in no time, just like me!