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Technical Notes

Title Product Modification Date Views
Columbus Software Installation Guide Columbus 02/10/2014 3786
Columbus 2.5 and Acapella Script Compatibility Columbus 19/09/2014 2661
Volocity Supported Hardware Volocity 19/07/2013 21835
What's New in Volocity 6.3 Volocity 17/07/2013 3213
Exporting TIFF Data from Volocity Volocity 01/07/2013 3105
Olympus IX83 Driver Installation Volocity 08/05/2013 3685
Workflows for In-depth High Content Analysis Columbus,Volocity 23/01/2013 3395
Data Transfer from Operetta to Volocity Volocity 21/01/2013 3229
Data Transfer from Columbus to Volocity Columbus,Volocity 21/01/2013 3113
Data Transfer from Operetta to Columbus Columbus 21/01/2013 3352
Data Transfer from Opera to Columbus Columbus 21/01/2013 3182
Data Transfer from Opera to Volocity Volocity 21/01/2013 3068
System Requirements for Volocity Product Range Volocity 22/11/2012 20471
Using the Nikon TE2000 PFS with Volocity Acquisition Volocity 22/11/2012 5710
Using the Leica DMI6000 AFC with Volocity Acquisition Volocity 22/11/2012 4202
Using the Nikon TiE PFS with Volocity Acquisition Volocity 21/11/2012 5505
What's New in Volocity 6.2? Volocity 21/11/2012 3354
Keyboard Shortcuts in Volocity Volocity 11/06/2012 4531
What's New in Volocity 6.1? Volocity 23/04/2012 3563
Skeletal Length Measurement in Volocity 6.0 Volocity 13/09/2011 3871
What's New in Volocity 6.0? Volocity 13/09/2011 3923
Openlab Supported Hardware Openlab 15/03/2011 17248
Configuring Volocity Acquisition Systems for Stitching Volocity 15/03/2011 4945
Creating and Editing Complex ROIs in Volocity 5.5 Volocity 10/01/2011 4234
Using the Zeiss AxioObserver Definite Focus with Volocity Acquisition Volocity 13/12/2010 6024
What's New in Volocity 5.5? Volocity 09/12/2010 4451
Using Lightpaths with the UltraVIEW Volocity 18/11/2010 4121
Calibrating PK Unit on Upgraded UltraVIEW LCI System Volocity 11/08/2010 4375
Volocity Demo Getting Started Guide Volocity 04/08/2010 8307
Volocity Getting started Volocity 04/08/2010 4755
Volocity and Windows 7 Volocity 28/05/2010 5198
Using the Olympus IX81 ZDC with Volocity Acquisition Volocity 27/05/2010 6175
Limitations of Hamamatsu ImagEM "Real-time Image Processing" Features Other 07/12/2009 5324
UltraVIEW VoX - Optimizing Acquisition Frame Rate Volocity 09/07/2009 5252
Volocity for Windows x64 Volocity 15/04/2009 7222
Volocity Surface Area Measurements Volocity 14/01/2009 5189
Volocity and Windows Vista Volocity 17/11/2008 6398
ILS System Requirements ILS 13/08/2008 7526
Additional TIFF Information in Phylum and Volocity Phylum and Volocity 11/06/2008 7374
System Specifications for Imaging Computing Server Volocity 02/04/2008 6601
Openlab 5.5 Openlab 27/03/2008 5538
Volocity for Windows: Optimizing performance Volocity 28/02/2008 8346
Spectral Separation of Monochrome Images Using Volocity 4 Volocity 13/08/2007 5666
Volocity and Neurolucida Volocity 30/03/2007 5864
Openlab 5: Color Tables and Automator Items Openlab 21/12/2006 6229
Finding Dirt and Debris in your Microscope Other 24/11/2006 7925
Diagnosing Microscope Drift Problems Openlab 22/11/2006 10747
Improvision Micro-Shutter performance Phylum Live 02/05/2006 4902
Openlab 5: New Location for Color Tables, Automator Menu Items and Automator Subroutines Openlab 28/04/2006 6058
Openlab and Mac OS X Openlab 16/01/2006 14120
Improvision Micro-Shutter performance Other 04/01/2006 9878
A study of fluorescence standards confirms that OptiGrid confocal images are suitable for quantitative microscopy Phylum Live 22/08/2005 5134
How do I transfer files between a PC and a Mac? Openlab 19/08/2005 14740
How does Openlab work with different image formats? Openlab 19/08/2005 6621
Which image files are compatible with Openlab? Openlab 19/08/2005 7963
How can I open TIFF Images with Openlab? Openlab 19/08/2005 6664
Why does there appear to be degradation to the resolution of the graphics in an annotation layer compared to that of a measurement overlay? Openlab 19/08/2005 6766
How can I create my own columns in the Advanced Measurements table? Openlab 19/08/2005 6383
What is a typical practical value for the accuracy and repeatability of the PIFOC piezo focus drive? Openlab 19/08/2005 6746
How do I export images from Openlab as individual TIFFs for use in other graphics applications? Openlab 19/08/2005 7973
How do I optimise memory in Mac OS 9 for use with Openlab? Openlab 19/08/2005 6529
How do I save the color LUT when exporting images into Adobe Photoshop? Openlab 19/08/2005 7405
Why is the device connected to the Serial Port of my computer not communicating with Openlab? Openlab 19/08/2005 6694
Why am I only able to capture images at a reduced size rather than full image size? Openlab 19/08/2005 5923
Controlling the VMM-D3 Three Channel Shutter Driver using Openlab Automator Serial Communications Openlab 19/08/2005 7157
Volocity for Windows - Dongle Installation Volocity 19/08/2005 7596
Using Openlab Layer User Data to set properties within Volocity Volocity 19/08/2005 6165
How do I run serial devices from a Mac which has only USB ports? Openlab 26/07/2005 6402
Year 2000 Statement Openlab 26/07/2005 6354
Achieving accurate color reproduction for brightfield microscopy using a color camer. Openlab 25/07/2005 6536
How do I make a scale bar to stamp on my images in Openlab? Openlab 25/07/2005 10213
Openlab Raw Format Openlab 09/11/2004 14498
Openlab Module - User Data Openlab 11/03/2004 6066
Ludl Controller Configuration Openlab 11/03/2004 7680
How do I density slice an image? Openlab 12/02/2004 9025
How do I edit the settings on my Openlab Filterwheel palette? Openlab 12/02/2004 6243
How do I set up the Dage DC330 color camera for transmitted light microscopy in Openlab? Openlab 12/02/2004 6439
Openlab User Interface Concepts Openlab 12/02/2004 5973
Can Phylum archive movie files? Phylum 12/02/2004 6507
How do I calibrate my TILL Photonics Polychrome monochromator in Openlab? Openlab 12/02/2004 8581
How do I use the CRI Micro Color filter with Openlab? Openlab 12/02/2004 6997
How do I prevent erratic timings when capturing large sequences of images in Openlab? Openlab 12/02/2004 6097
Does the Openlab Automator support array variables? Openlab 12/02/2004 6273
How do I superimpose results from the Measurements table onto an image layer? Openlab 12/02/2004 6566
How can I open images acquired with older Improvision imaging products in Openlab? Openlab 12/02/2004 6352
Power Macintosh G3 and G4 computers using Mac OS 9 with the National Instruments PCI 1200 card. Openlab 12/02/2004 6474
How do I measure the optical density of objects using Openlab? Openlab 12/02/2004 9430
How do I set up and use the the multi-user facility in Openlab? Openlab 12/02/2004 5747
How can I record a variable in an Openlab automation to be exported to a data analysis program such as Excel? Openlab 12/02/2004 6017
Where can I find the Openlab serial number? Openlab 12/02/2004 6600
Why do Openlab images look poor on the monitor? Openlab 12/02/2004 5731
Why does my automation refuse to stop during a Tell or Input task? Openlab 12/02/2004 5865
Why does my automation refuse to pause during a Tell task? Openlab 12/02/2004 5824
How can I determine the exact degree of image registration that is needed to re-align my multilabelled fluorescent image Openlab 12/02/2004 7100
Why can't I import Adobe Photoshop files into Phylum? Phylum 12/02/2004 6166
How do I move images from different Openlab documents into one Openlab document? Openlab 12/02/2004 5967
Keyboard Shortcuts for use with Openlab. Openlab 12/02/2004 6668
How do I convert the Openlab layer time stamp from days:hours:mins:sec into seconds so that I can use the data in Excel? Openlab 12/02/2004 6216
Why can't I annotate my images in white text using a transparent annotation layer in Openlab? Openlab 12/02/2004 6001
How do I track the speed and position of cells in a time lapse sequence with Openlab? Openlab 12/02/2004 6443
How do I make a QuickTime movie in Openlab? Openlab 12/02/2004 6215
How can I make an automation go faster? Openlab 12/02/2004 5900
Why can't I annotate my images using the Paint Tools palette? Openlab 12/02/2004 6198
Why does the image sequence that I saved as a QuickTime movie look pixelated? Openlab 12/02/2004 6377
How can I export graphs generated in Openlab into other applications ? Openlab 12/02/2004 6391
How do I reset the Point Counter so that I can begin a new count on each layer? Openlab 12/02/2004 6081
I am using OpenLab with Mac OS 9.2.2 and I am repeatedly getting out of memory errors when I try different commands. What should I do? Openlab 12/02/2004 6027
I am using binning to increase the sensitivity of my camera. I can view the image in preview mode but get an error message when I try to capture the image. Openlab 12/02/2004 6019
I’m selecting an ROI measurement from the Measurements Table, but Openlab is not displaying either the ROI or the image that it corresponds to in the document window. Openlab 12/02/2004 6168
I have downloaded the latest version of Openlab from Now what do I do? Openlab 12/02/2004 6147
How do I change the color of the paint tools? Openlab 12/02/2004 5915
What should I know about the 3D Restoration module? Openlab 12/02/2004 6088
How can I focus the SPOT RT camera quickly? Openlab 12/02/2004 6544
How can I play a movie in Phylum which doesn't include all of the images in the folder? Phylum 12/02/2004 5872
Why doesn't the software recognize my camera after I have installed a new version of Openlab? Openlab 12/02/2004 6288
Why can’t I apply a color look up table (LUT) to my merged images? Openlab 12/02/2004 6273
Which way should filters go into my filter wheel? Other 12/02/2004 6058
I can't see the line that has been drawn when I create an ROI or use the measurement tools in Openlab. Can I change the color? Openlab 12/02/2004 5754
When I use the RGB merge to merge a slightly opaque layer with other layers, why is the resultant image of poor quality, and why is detail in the opaque layer lost? Openlab 12/02/2004 6276
Why is only the Layers Manager palette available when I start up Openlab? Openlab 12/02/2004 6468
Can I use 8 or 12 bit TIFF files generated by other systems within Openlab? Openlab 12/02/2004 6106
Why am I getting a grainy black and white image on my color CoolSNAP camera? Openlab 12/02/2004 6339
My camera has non symmetrical pixels. Which value do I enter for the pixel size in the deconvolution dialog box? Openlab 12/02/2004 5877
How do I use the AxioCam camera with Openlab? Openlab 12/02/2004 6436
Zeiss Axioplan 2ie and Axiovert 200M behave strangely with Openlab 2 Openlab 12/02/2004 7934
Openlab 3 - The Filters and Shutters module now supports 'link to video' for shutters. Openlab 12/02/2004 6020
Increased functionality for the Automator Lite in Openlab 3 Openlab 12/02/2004 5845
What features of the Hamamatsu 4742-95ER (Orca ER) are now supported in Openlab 2.2.5r2? Openlab 12/02/2004 7252
Auto Exposure in Openlab Openlab 12/02/2004 6601
Preferences Issues When Moving Between Openlab versions 2 and 3. Openlab 12/02/2004 5925
Openlab 3 - Auto Focus now supported for motorised focus drives Openlab 12/02/2004 6380
Using Roper (Princeton Instruments) cameras with the PVCAM Video module Openlab 12/02/2004 10881
Can I make a binary mask using the Binary Operations module? Openlab 12/02/2004 6744
Why is the integration of my Hamamatsu C5810 camera not synchronised within an automation? Openlab 12/02/2004 6796
How do I save spatial calibrations for different objectives in Openlab? Openlab 12/02/2004 5886
Which cameras will speed up significantly when using the Automator "Capture Multiple" task? Openlab 12/02/2004 6079
What is the UV throughput of the fiber optic supplied with the TILL monochromators and are they solid quartz? Openlab 12/02/2004 6341
How do I use Openlab to measure the greyscale intensity values for a number of different ROIs over the course of a timelapse experiment (i.e. over several layers)? Openlab 12/02/2004 6194
I lost the power to the Openlab acquisition system and lost the image file I had captured. Can I get it back? Openlab 12/02/2004 6024
Can I use more than one Ludl controller with Openlab? Openlab 12/02/2004 6175
How do I remove the number from my cell tracking overlay in Openlab? Openlab 12/02/2004 5998
I cannot get communication with my ORBIT 1 controller in Openlab. Openlab 12/02/2004 6485
How do you make a 3D profile in Openlab? Openlab 12/02/2004 5996
How can I measure grayscale intensity values over an image using the same ROI? Openlab 12/02/2004 7889
When I draw an ROI on an image, it won't retain the shape I have drawn. Openlab 12/02/2004 5986
How do I change size of image in order to speed up capture and/or processing time? Openlab 12/02/2004 6183
Changes in Openlab 3 to the Automator Controls palette Openlab 12/02/2004 6031
"Save as Multiple" and file naming in Openlab Openlab 12/02/2004 6523
How do I measure the total intensity of a cell or ROI in Openlab? Openlab 12/02/2004 8364
What version of Mac OS can I use with Openlab? Openlab 12/02/2004 6209
Openlab 3.0.2 - Target Image Window Automator task - new option Openlab 12/02/2004 6285
Orbit Focus Drives - Preferences Openlab 12/02/2004 6315
Volocity 3D Rendering - how to export a 2D view Volocity 12/02/2004 6471
Write to User Notes Automator task - Tab function Openlab 12/02/2004 6580
Open Image Document Automator Task Openlab 12/02/2004 6145
Save Document Automator Task - format options Openlab 12/02/2004 6220
When using the "Volume Deconvolution" module in Openlab, the final deconvolved image does not resemble the image in the preview window. Openlab 12/02/2004 5898
Using Volocity, I have enhanced my images by using the Auto Contrast function but my volume does not look as expected. Volocity 12/02/2004 5973
Openlab Microscope Control - Light Path Automator task Openlab 12/02/2004 6361
Set Video Control Automator task - changing check boxes and pop up choices Openlab 12/02/2004 5912
Ludl Biopoint controllers do not fully support State Saver operations. Openlab 12/02/2004 6291
Alternate Readout Mode for Photometrics PVCAM cameras, specifically the CoolSNAP HQ. Openlab 12/02/2004 7084
Why is the progress bar on the Video Controls palette always moving? It never becomes a solid block, is this correct? Openlab 12/02/2004 5802
Zeiss AxioCam color camera - White Balance for brightfield microscopy. Openlab 12/02/2004 8509
Roper Scientific Photometrics color CoolSNAP camera - White Balance for brightfield microscopy. Openlab 12/02/2004 7063
How do I connect serial devices to Macs which do not have serial ports? Openlab 12/02/2004 14715
Openlab Module - 3D Rendering - using the 'Scale with Z' option Openlab 12/02/2004 6123
Volocity - Alignment tool Volocity 12/02/2004 7001
Leica DMSTC Motorised XY Stage and CTRMIC microscopes in Openlab Openlab 12/02/2004 9169
ORBIT 1 XY Stage Openlab 12/02/2004 7003
An example automation illustrating the use of multithreading Openlab 12/02/2004 6090
An example automation illustrating the use of parallel processing and the "Key wait" task Openlab 12/02/2004 6068
How to create an automation to measure objects and put the results into a graph. Openlab 12/02/2004 5873
Openlab Module - Colocalization Openlab 12/02/2004 6411
Openlab Module - Image Splitter Openlab 12/02/2004 6085
Spatial calibration in Openlab 3.1 and higher Openlab 12/02/2004 6151
How to install Openlab Darkroom Openlab 12/02/2004 6625
QImaging Camera Firmware Upgrade Openlab 12/02/2004 6892
Openlab Ratio Module: Intensity Modulated image Openlab 12/02/2004 6234
Openlab Module - FRET Openlab 12/02/2004 6271
Elongation of Spherical Structures in Z Other 12/02/2004 7057
Volocity LE 2.5 and higher Volocity 12/02/2004 6189
Openlab Automator Serial Communications Openlab 12/02/2004 6307