Year 2000 Statement

Technical Note: 12
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Creation Date: 13/10/1999
Modification Date: 26/07/2005

We have sought and received assurances from all of our suppliers that all products currently sold by Improvision are Year 2000 compliant.

Because Improvision has been selling a wide range of Imaging products for almost 10 years it is not possible to confirm compliance status of all products sold in the past; however most products supplied recently i.e. within the last 12 months are compliant. No guarantees can be given for any product which is no longer within warrantee or for older versions of current products.

Openlab, Phylum and Volocity store times and dates in microseconds from 1/1/1904 using a 64 bit number, giving it a date range of just under 600000 years. For date manipulation, we use a combination of our code and operating system date and time utilities. This code will function correctly in and after the Year 2000.

Apple states that MacOS is also Year 2000 compliant. For more information see