How can I make an automation go faster?

Technical Note: 121
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Creation Date: 26/06/2000
Modification Date: 12/02/2004

There are three changes which can be made that will increase the speed at which an automation will run:

1. Using the "Options" menu on the Automator window, select "Disable Animation".

2. View the Automator controls only by using the arrow on the right of the automation window.

3. When using Mac OS 9 ensure that Appletalk and Virtual Memory are both switched off and that no programs are running in the background. When using Mac OS X ensure that no other applications are running at the same time as Openlab. Appletalk and Virtual memory are not considerations when using Mac OS X

4. Consider using a Critical Section within your automation. A critical section is created by putting "Begin Critical Section" and "End Critical Section" tasks in your Automation. Between these tasks, user input and interface updates will be disabled.