Why can't I annotate my images using the Paint Tools palette?

Technical Note: 122
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Creation Date: 26/06/2000
Modification Date: 12/02/2004

The most likely reason for why you can't annotate your images using the Paint Tools palette is that the images are not 8 bit (256 grey levels) or millions of colors images.

The problem can be resolved by changing the image depth to one of the above formats. However it is advisable to use a separate annotation layer instead of annotating the images directly and then merge the annotation layer with the image.

In the Layers Manager palette, click on the "New" button at the top of the palette to generate a new layer. Position this layer directly above the image that you wish to annotate in the Layers Manager palette. Open the pop-up menu in the lower right corner of the layer and select Transparent Background. Add text, arrows, etc. as desired.

To merge annotation and image layer, select the layers in the Layers Palette and from the Layers menu use the Merge to Composite function.