How can I export graphs generated in Openlab into other applications ?

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Creation Date: 26/06/2000
Modification Date: 12/02/2004

Openlab graphs cannot be exported into other application as these graphs are only recognised by Openlab. However there are alternative methods of producing graphs in Openlab which are suitable for inclusion in other packages.

1. From the Edit menu select "Preferences" and choose the "Measurements" icon from the list. Set the preference to "Tab characters". This tells Openlab to save measurements as text that can be imported into Excel.

When you save the Openlab Measurements table, this will automatically save as an Excel-compatible file. Once these measurements are opened in Excel you can plot your data using the "Chart Wizard".

2. Flash-It is a utility designed to take a snapshot" of a particular part of the Macintosh screen. You can copy the image of your graph directly to the clipboard to be pasted into a file. This application is Shareware and can be found at various web sites including