How do I reset the Point Counter so that I can begin a new count on each layer?

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Creation Date: 26/06/2000
Modification Date: 12/02/2004

Open the Openlab document that you wish to count.

Open the Measurements table (choose "Show Measurements" from the image menu), choose the Point Count table, and click the Record Measurements button.

Choose the Point Count tool from the Calibration toolbar on the left side of the image window. Double click on the Point Count tool icon to open the Point Counter dialogue box. Set the number you wish to start counting from and the number you wish to the count to increment by (both values are normally set to 1). Perform the point counts on the first layer.

Select the next layer to be counted from the Layers Manager.

Hold down the "alt" key and click on the image in the document window - this will clear the existing count points from the image. Now perform the point counts for this layer.

The Measurements table will now have a list of point counts for both images.