I have downloaded the latest version of Openlab from www.improvision.com. Now what do I do?

Technical Note: 130
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Creation Date: 28/06/2000
Modification Date: 12/02/2004

Double click on the installer, which is the file that you downloaded from the web site, and follow the instructions and prompts that appear on the screen. Normally you will perform the Quick Install option. If you run a virus protection software on your computer, disable or suspend virus protection activity during the install. Restart the machine if prompted to do so at the end of the installation.

Openlab 3.1 and later: You should also download the "Openlab Hardware Drivers Pack" and upgrade the relevant drivers for your hardware and OS. Mac OS 9.2.2 and earlier only: Assign memory to the new version of Openlab. See Technical Note 103 for help with allocating memory to Openlab.

If you have any aliases/shortcuts to Openlab on your desktop, remember to delete aliases pointing to your old version and create new ones for the new version in the Apple Menu Items or Dock.

Automations that you run from the Automator menu or personally created color tables from the Toolbar in the Document window are saved in the main Openlab folder on the hard disk. Remember to drag them from the Automator Menu Items and Color Tables folders respectively in the old version to the corresponding folders in the new version of Openlab folder.

You may wish to retain the older version of Openlab on your hard disk until you are sure that you have copied all necessary items across to the new folder successfully.