Zeiss Axioplan 2ie and Axiovert 200M behave strangely with Openlab 2

Technical Note: 158
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Creation Date: 29/01/2001
Modification Date: 12/02/2004

Beginning with the Axiovert 200M and Axioplan 2ie, Zeiss have changed the way in which the microscope focus drives work. They have included new firmware with the drive which is prefixed with the letters "ZM". The older firmware was prefixed with "MF".

The new firmware improves the speed and accuracy of focus drive movement, but does require special support within Openlab to work properly. This support has been added in "Zeiss Hardware Support" 3.0 which is included with Openlab 3.

Versions of the "Zeiss Hardware Support" module prior to 3.0 should work properly with the new microscopes as Zeiss has included "backwards compatibility" in the new firmware. We have found however that some microscopes (particularly the Axioplan 2ie) will exhibit erratic behaviour with the older "Zeiss Hardware Support" module.

We would recommend that users of Axioplan 2ie and Axiovert 200M microscopes upgrade to Openlab 3. It is recommended that customers who wish to upgrade their microscope should upgrade to Openlab 3 at the same time.