Openlab 3 - The Filters and Shutters module now supports 'link to video' for shutters.

Technical Note: 159
Reads: 6275
Creation Date: 29/01/2001
Modification Date: 12/02/2004

Next to each shutter icon in the Shutters palette there is now a pull down which allows that shutter to be 'linked to video'. Linked shutters are labelled in the palette with a camera icon. More than one shutter may be linked at a time. The link is removed simply by reselecting the option in the pull down in the shutter palette.

Once a shutter is linked to video that shutter will, without any further interaction from the user, automatically open each time the Video Preview is selected and close when it is not. It will also open and close appropriately when capturing layers using the Capture Timelapse dialog, or during an automation.

A shutter linked to the fluorescence light path can greatly reduce photobleaching during imaging. Users should be aware that a linked shutter will continue to open and close in response to the camera activity even if another illumination technique is being used, eg. transmitted light. This is avoided by unlinking the shutter before switching techniques. In an automation to capture fluorescence and brightfield images, use open and close shutter tasks as in previous versions of Openlab.