Increased functionality for the Automator Lite in Openlab 3

Technical Note: 160
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Creation Date: 29/01/2001
Modification Date: 12/02/2004

In previous versions of Openlab the Automator Lite differed from the Automator in that it had no task list, it was a module designed for running any automation written by the full Automator. Automations could not be written, or edited in the Automator Lite.

With the release of Openlab 3 that distinction has changed.

The Automator Lite can now be used to write and run automations, and therefore edit such automations. However the powerful tool of writing with variables is available only with the full version of the Automator.

Automations written using the Automator can be run using the Automator Lite, providing the required modules are loaded. This includes automations which contain variables, however the Automator Lite cannot add, remove or otherwise edit the task structure of an automation written by the full Automator.

The Openlab 3 manual provides full instructions for using the Automator Lite.