Preferences Issues When Moving Between Openlab versions 2 and 3.

Technical Note: 163
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Creation Date: 29/01/2001
Modification Date: 12/02/2004

To prevent problems caused by the Preferences care should be taken when moving between major versions of Openlab, ie. the first digit of the version number has changed. Only swap between versions if absolutely necessary.

Before running the Openlab 3 installer or the Openlab 3 Demo installer save a copy of the Openlab Preferences file. Your Openlab Preferences can be found in the Preferences folder in the System Folder of your Macintosh.

When you wish to return to the version of Openlab you were using before trying Openlab 3 return to the Preferences folder and replace the preferences file you saved before installing Openlab 3. Then use your previous version as before.

After upgrading, save a copy of the Openlab 3 Preferences as well, so that in the unlikely event of a problem you can replace them.