How do I use Openlab to measure the greyscale intensity values for a number of different ROIs over the course of a timelapse experiment (i.e. over several layers)?

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Creation Date: 07/03/2001
Modification Date: 12/02/2004

Create the required number of ROIs on one layer by holding down the shift key while drawing the ROI.

From the Edit menu, go to R.O.I., and select Make Binary Layer.

In the Layers Manager palette, select the layers upon which you would like to make measurements. From the Image menu, select Show Measurements. In the Measurements window, go to the Measure menu, and select "Objects...".

In the dialog box which appears, choose the option to Measure the objects "Using a binary layer as a mask". Also select the option to Measure objects in "All selected layers". Click on the Measure button.

The measurements for the ROIs for each layer will appear in the Measurements table.