Changes in Openlab 3 to the Automator Controls palette

Technical Note: 209
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Creation Date: 07/03/2001
Modification Date: 12/02/2004

In previous versions of Openlab the Automator Controls palette presented 5 slider bars to the user which could be assigned to any of the variables created within that automation. In Openlab 3 the user is able to create any number of controls within the palette and has a choice of a number of interfaces including slider bars, digital displays, clocks and progress bars.

After creating the variable that is to be controlled, open the Variable Controls palette, and click on the New button in the palette. A dialog appears, select the name of the variable from the "Control the variable:" pop-up. From the "Using a:" pop-up select the type of control you require. Click on OK. Each control then has an small edit button in the lower right corner from which the behaviour of the control can be set.

To remove controls from the variable controls palette drag them to the trash on the palette.

Slider control

As in previous Automator Controls palette. Set the range and increment of the slider movement. Use to monitor a variable or to adjust the value of a variable during the running of the automation.

Digital Display

Use to monitor variable values that are most appropriately displayed digitally. Values cannot be input via this interface.

Digital Clock

Use to monitor variable values that represent times. Values cannot be input via this interface.

Threshold Indicator

Use to monitor a variable passing a certain value. You can also choose what display is used to show the passing of this threshold such as colored LEDs, or flags.

LED Array

This displays number variable values in binary form up to 8 bits with the least significant bit on the right hand side and the most significant on the left.

Preset Button

Use to create a button on the Variable Controls palette which when clicked will set the value of a variable to a particular value.


Use to toggle the value of a variable between two values, one when the box is checked, the other when it is unchecked.

String text

Use to display the value of any variable as a string, for example image names.

Progress Bar

Use to monitor the changes in the value of a variable over time. Values cannot be input via this interface.