"Save as Multiple" and file naming in Openlab

Technical Note: 210
Reads: 6807
Creation Date: 07/03/2001
Modification Date: 12/02/2004

Using the 'Save As' facility in the 'File' menu will save your image as a layered file, so whether you select the TIFF, PICT or LIFF format the images will appear as one layered document when saved.

When you use the 'Save As Multiple' task you are saving each individual layer in the Openlab LIFF file (represented by thumbnails in the Layers Manager palette) as a separate image file.

Other graphics applications such as Adobe Photoshop does not support the Openlab LIFF format. Instead they use single image files which are viewed/opened one at a time. In order to save your images as single image files instead of layered files you need to use 'Save As Multiple'.

Note: a single TIFF image selected from a multi-layered LIFF document needs to be saved using 'Save as Multiple' even though the multiple is unity.

If you are saving each individual layer as a separate image file you need to make sure that you name these images correctly. The Naming dialog allows you to set up the naming structure of the individually saved files.

For example, you can choose to name these images using their layer name (i.e. captured layer 1 , captured layer 2 ...etc.) OR you can 'Start with the document name' and then add a number to the end of the file names to distinguish them from one another. If you would prefer you can also 'Append' the names with 'TIF' so that they are recognised as TIFF files.

If you only want to save a few images/layers in an Openlab document, simply select the images you require (hold down the 'shift' key to highlight more than one image layer in the Layers Manager palette) and choose 'Save selected layers only' in the Naming dialog.