Orbit Focus Drives - Preferences

Technical Note: 221
Reads: 6567
Creation Date: 03/04/2001
Modification Date: 12/02/2004

From the Edit menu chose Preferences..... Scroll down the list of preferences in the left hand side of the dialog and chose the Orbit option.

Number of Controllers is usually 1 but if you wish to run more than one Orbit 1 controller from the same computer you need to change this preference. This will allow each controller to be allocated a separate serial port for communication in the serial ports area of the preferences, see Technical Note 239 referring to same process for Ludl devices.

Enter the number of steps per revolution (SPR) of the drive.

The drive will be fitted to either the coarse or fine focus mechanism of the microscope. Enter the number of microns per revolution (µPR) of the mechanism to which the drive is attached.

Motor resolution SPR
Focus µPR
50 000
100 (or 400 depending
on microscope setting)
50 000
50 000
250 000
Axioskop 2000
Axiovert 1800
Axioplan 1800