Volocity for Windows - Dongle Installation

Technical Note: 225
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Creation Date: 03/05/2001
Modification Date: 19/08/2005

It is possible for Windows computers to fail to recognise the Volocity dongle if the dongle is plugged in before Volocity is installed. In this circumstance:

Finish the Volocity installation. The steps outlined below will not work if the installation program has not been run at all.

For Windows XP and 2000:

Right click "My Computer".

Chose "Properties" from the menu.

Click "Hardware" tab.

Click "Device Manager" button.

The Device Manager shows a list of installed hardware.

Look for an icon with a yellow exclamation mark next to it called "Unknown USB Device" or similar. This will most likely be under "Universal Serial Bus Controllers"

Click this icon to select the device in the list, then from the toolbar at the top of the window click the 'Uninstall' button to remove it. OK the dialog.

Click the Computer icon at the top of the hardware list. Again from the toolbar at the top of the window click the "Scan for hardware changes" button.

Windows should then redetect the dongle and install the correct drivers.