Save Document Automator Task - format options

Technical Note: 231
Reads: 6470
Creation Date: 01/06/2001
Modification Date: 12/02/2004

The Save image document task Setup dialog has three options:

'Using its current name', requires that the file has previously been saved and will save changes to the file retaining the same name and therefore file format. If the file has not been previously saved it will bring up the Save dialog.

'Ask for name' will bring up the Save dialog as it executes and therefore suspend the automation until the dialog is completed or cancelled.

'With this name' will save the file with a user specified name and now gives options for saving layered formats in addition to LIFF. Please note this option is only available in Openlab versions 3.0.3r1 or later. If all Openlab file filter modules are present in the Openlab modules folder such formats as Quicktime, TIFF and PICT will be available. These are layered files and users should be aware of compatibility issues discussed in technical note numbers 102 and 254.