When using the "Volume Deconvolution" module in Openlab, the final deconvolved image does not resemble the image in the preview window.

Technical Note: 235
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Creation Date: 02/07/2001
Modification Date: 12/02/2004

The most probable cause of this problem is that the "Auto Gain" function in the Volume Deconvolution dialog was not deselected prior to performing the deconvolution. As the haze removal factor increases, the deconvolved image decreases in intensity. The "Auto Gain" function automatically adjusts the Gain and Offset values to optimise the image shown in the preview window.

The "Auto Gain" is only applied to the part of the image displayed in the preview window. If you have cropped the image preview and there are regions outside the preview window that are generally darker or brighter than what is displayed in the preview then these will be considered in determining the Gain and Offset values by the "Auto Gain" function.

If you deselect the "Auto Gain" function before deconvoving, the Gain and Offset values determined by the image in the preview window will be applied to the whole image.

If the "Auto Gain" function is not deselected then the deconvolved image may not look like the image in the preview window.