Openlab Microscope Control - Light Path Automator task

Technical Note: 239
Reads: 6665
Creation Date: 14/09/2001
Modification Date: 12/02/2004

Drag the Light Path task onto the work area. Double-click to open the set up dialog. The set up dialog describes what the task is to do. "When this task executes change the microscope light path to: " There is then a pop-up with the names of the light paths as they appear in the microscope palette. Chose the relevant light path and close the task.

Microscopes with manual beamsplitters will have this task in the Automator but there will be no choice of light path, it will have the word manual grayed out as this task is not relevant for microscopes equipped with manual beamsplitters.

Motorised beamsplitters controlled by any other Openlab interface, such as the filterwheel palette are not supported by this task but by the relevant task for that interface, such as "Move filterwheel".