Set Video Control Automator task - changing check boxes and pop up choices

Technical Note: 240
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Creation Date: 14/09/2001
Modification Date: 12/02/2004

The control to be changed is quoted in the field "Set the video control": eg "Exposure" and the value it is to be changed to, or a variable representing that value is entered in the field "To the value". As the camera drivers only accept numerical values for changing controls, check boxes and pop up menus need translation.

Checkbox unchecked is a value of 0. Checkbox checked is a value of 1.

Pop ups are translated according to the order that the controls appear, for example Color and Monochrome modes might appear in that order in a pop up named "Color" on the Video Controls palette. To switch to Color mode Set Video Control called "Color" to the value 1. To switch to Monochrome Set Video Control called "Color" to the value 2. This continues down a list.

One important note is that horizontal divider lines in pop up lists are included in the numbering of the items in that list. So to change to a choice below a divider count down the list of items to find the one required adding one for every divider encountered on the way.