How can I open TIFF Images with Openlab?

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Creation Date: 06/12/1999
Modification Date: 19/08/2005

Openlab will load TIFF files from most other applications provided they conform to the TIFF specification.

A common problem is that double clicking on the files will not start Openlab, but start another application or complain that the correct application is missing. In this case, drop the files on to Openlab to open them, or use the "Open" dialog within Openlab.

If Openlab still cannot open the file, it is possible that it is in a compressed format - Openlab cannot open compressed TIFF files.

One final problem on Mac OS 9 is that the "Easy Open" extension is interfering with Openlab's ability to open the files. You should disable the extension using the "Macintosh Easy Open" control panel.