How to install Openlab Darkroom

Technical Note: 308
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Creation Date: 01/08/2002
Modification Date: 12/02/2004

Openlab Darkroom is protected by a dongle or hardware key, it will not run without this dongle. You should have received this dongle from Improvision following your purchase of Openlab Darkroom. You will need a Macintosh computer with a free USB port.

Before you start make sure you have the following installers, either from an Openlab CD or downloaded from the Improvision website:

"Install Openlab USB supportrx"
"Install Openlab 3.x"

"Install Openlab USB" support will install the driver for the dongle. You must run this installer before running the Openlab installer. Follow the prompts given on screen by the installer.

Next run the Openlab installer. Follow the prompts given on screen. Restart your computer if prompted to do so. Now the dongle is correctly installed the Openlab installer will recognise your Openlab darkroom dongle and install the correct modules.

If you are using Mac OS 9 or earlier you will need to assign memory to Openlab. See technical note 103 for more information.