Volocity LE 2.5 and higher

Technical Note: 331
Reads: 6450
Creation Date: 02/09/2003
Modification Date: 12/02/2004

The feature content of Volocity has increased with Volocity 2.5. In order to continue to offer Volocity LE free of charge changes to the features available have had to be made. Some Volocity LE users may prefer not to upgrade to version 2.5 to continue using features available only in version 2.0.1 or below.

The following are no longer available in Volocity LE:

  • Export as QuickTime movie.
  • Export as AVI movie (Windows only).
  • Image enhancement using the "Levels" tool.

The following features new to Volocity 2.5 are not available in Volocity LE:

  • Image View - Extended Focus.
  • Image Sequence View - Timeline.