How can I create my own columns in the Advanced Measurements table?

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Creation Date: 31/03/2000
Modification Date: 19/08/2005

You can create your own columns in the Measurements table by performing mathematical operations on existing columns: for example, you may want to create a new column to record the Area (width x height) of a cell .

  • Open the Measurements table and select the type of measurement you wish to make (ie. Line, ROI or Point Count)
  • Select "Custom Measurements" from the "Table" menu.
  • Click on the "New" button and type in a name for the new measurement in the "Name:" box.
  • Select a "Type" from the pop-up menu.
  • If your type is Number, check the "Integer Value" box if you want the result of the calculation to be expressed as an integer.
  • Check the "Greyscale Intensity" box, if you want the value to be displayed in the Measurements window with the color/greyscale triangle.
  • If you wish to use your new measurement as part of an expression in another column, you will need to create a Variable name for it. This name must be alphanumeric with no spaces.
    Note: Only give your column a variable name if you intend to reuse it.
  • Use the "Column variables" and the "Operators" tables to create an Expression for your measurement.
  • Click on the Done button to create and save the new column.

To delete a Custom column, selct it from the list and click on the "Delete" button.