How do I set up the Dage DC330 color camera for transmitted light microscopy in Openlab?

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Creation Date: 28/09/1999
Modification Date: 12/02/2004

The microscope illumination must be optimized before the camera is set up. Refer to the technical note "How do I optimize my microscope for viewing samples using transmitted light illumination and a color camera?".

Switch the camera on and start Openlab. From menu bar choose "Special" and select "Video Manager". Press the Reset Levels button. Leave the Video Manager dialogue open so that you can see the live preview during the following steps, or click on "OK" to close the dialogue and view the live video in the document window.

Using the microscope view an area of the slide that contains no sample - this is deemed to be the white background. Alternatively, place a thin piece of plain white paper or tissue under the microscope lens.

White balance is carried out using the switches and buttons on the front of the camera control unit.

If a color bar or an on screen menu is visible in the live image press the DISP button on the camera controller once or twice until these are switched off.

On the camera controller set the FILE switch to A.

Set the WB (White Balance) switch to AWB (Auto White Balance).

Set the GAIN switch to AUTO.

Push the MENU and DATA down arrow buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds to reset the camera.

Set the sliders that control the direction of the emitted light path on your microscope so that the camera receives no signal. Push (ABB) for three seconds to carry out an Auto Black Balance.

Now move the sliders so that the camera receives the white signal and push (AWB) for three seconds. If you do not see the message AWB OK on the screen the signal is not bright enough. Increase the light intensity and try again. Note that for good color reproduction you should also image your samples at this intensity.

Once white balance is completed and whilst still imaging the white background push (SHD) Shading Correction for 3 seconds.

To reduce noise in the image it may be necessary to set the GAIN switch to NORM.

For further information refer to Dage’s Quick Setup guides supplied with your camera.