How do I export images from Openlab as individual TIFFs for use in other graphics applications?

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Creation Date: 11/04/2000
Modification Date: 19/08/2005

In order to open your layered LIFF images in other graphics applications you will need to save each layer as an individual TIFF file. Adobe Photoshop, along with some other graphics applications, does not support 'deep grey' images or 'multi-page' TIFF files.

It is therefore not possible to use the 'Save As' option in the File menu and select the TIFF format, because Openlab will save all of the images in the LIFF document in a single layered or multi-page TIFF.

To save the images in a document as a series of individual color TIFFs:

1. Highlight all of the images in the image document which you wish to save as TIFFs.

2. From the "File" menu select "Save As Multiple". In the dialogue which appears, select "TIFF for Publication" from the Format pop-up menu and click on the "Naming" option.

3. Configure this Naming dialogue to name your TIFF images as required, and click on "Save selected layers only". Click "OK" to close the Naming dialogue, then click on "Save" in the Save as Multiple dialogue.

You will now have a TIFF file for every LIFF layer in the image document which you have chosen to save.